Garage Door Spring Repair

There are several signs that can point to a broken spring. These include:

  1. The physical appearance
  2. The opener straining to open the door, and in some cases stopping altogether on the way up. You may also find that it closes with a loud thud.
  3. The door is too heavy to lift in manual operation.
  4. The panel & tilt door opener is running but the chain is not moving.
  5. The tilt door pulls to one side, and may jam on the side of the opening when attempting to operate the door.
  6. If, upon inspection, you find that your spring is broken, cease using the door immediately, both by opener and by hand, even if it still opens automatically.

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Continuing to use the opener with a broken spring, even though it may work, will significantly increase the load on the motor and may cause it to burn out, greatly inflating repair costs.

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