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If your door can be repaired by replacing broken panels then we will provide you a quote for matching panels and labor. If your door needs to be replaced then we will go through the different options available to you that work with your budget and proceed accordingly.

We work with many Garage Doors suppliers, so we apologize that we don’t have any prices up for comparison. However, we will walk you through the process and specifications that we look at when choosing a new or replacement garage door(s).

Material & Design

Steel is the most popular material chosen by homeowners for garage doors today, probably because it’s also the least expensive. The grade of steel and the panel style also affect price.

For example,

These 3 doors are all steel and manufactured by Amarr. The traditional on the left is the least expensive with windows. With the prices rising as you look to the right and see the more intricate details and better quality steel and insulation because the R-Value is also higher.

Keep in mind if your door is on the front of your house then it contributes to the “face” of your house and you may want it to be more attractive. I will add, that improving the look of your front facing garage door is a less expensive way of improving your houses façade when compared with other improvements, such as new siding or brick, stucco, etc.

However, if your garage door is less visible from the front, a lower cost door may better fit your needs so you can be more price-conscious if that is a concern.

If you choose a material besides steel then you can expect the price of the door to rise. Here are some materials that affect the prices you’ll pay and why people select these doors:


Windows really enhance the look of garage doors and your home. They allow more light to enter into your garage and thereby heat. Windows typically add about 15-20% to the overall price of the door. There are many windowed doors available to you and we can help you choose the style that suits your needs the best.


Color options are normally included in the price of doors. If you are looking for a wood grain texture or a specialty color then that can add a premium to your price. The wood look is nice when you want the look of wood but don’t want the maintenance or such a heavy door, which then requires a stronger opener, by the way!


The insulation value of a garage door is called the “R-Value”. The R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the construction industry. The higher the R-Value the more insulation provided by the door. Wood doors, for example, usually offer an R-Value of 8-10, while a steel door can range from as little as 5 and go up to 20, if you need the extra insulation. The higher the R-Value of a door, the more expensive the door, generally speaking.


Size does matter! The bigger the door, the bigger the price tag, this is logical. However, we do need to measure to be accurate and quote accordingly.

We will not order a door unless we have come in person to measure the door professionally, we do not want to waste your time or ours!

Wind Load & Impact Resistance

Some areas that are more exposed to higher winds have government regulations regarding this factor. For example, if you lived on the coast and were subject to hurricanes then this is something we would need to go over. We want your door to hold in a storm, it is our goal to keep you and your home safe.

Again, you can find more information on these differences on door manufacturers websites if you would like to read more. We provided this information to inform you a little bit on the processes and different choices available to you and how they affect the prices that we offer.

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